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Natural Weapon Nutrition are working smarter to bring you the best on the market in clean and effective sports nutrition supplements. We proudly stock a range of Australian owned brands which helps to support Australian manufacturing and farming businesses. In turn we also support our local businesses and their members through supplying them with the best products our suppliers have to offer.

Our focus on quality over quantity means we do the hard work for you in finding effective products to support all your needs no matter what the goal or lifestyle. You don’t need to wade through countless pages of information to find what you need, just head to the category that interests you and you’ll see the best there is in that category.

Body Composition Made Easy

Natural Weapon Nutrition are experts in body composition scanning with our powerful Evolt 360 body scanner. The Evolt system is unparalleled in both convenience and accuracy with easy to read statistics and an app providing all the details from every scan done on any Evolt machine worldwide.

Need more information on how to achieve your goals?

Our Nutrition Consultation service provides a roadmap anyone can use to achieve their health and fitness goals. We’ll take you through everything from how much you need to eat, starting with tracking and measuring your food intake and how to manage it on an ongoing basis. Contact us for more information.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

With Carbon Neutral shipping and FREE shipping for orders over $99 we’re proud to support you in fitness goals in a way that doesn’t increase the worlds carbon footprint.

We’ve partnered with Shippit to bring you an unrivalled delivery experience with cool features like updates via SMS and email in order to offer you the most up to date shipping information, ensuring you’re kept in the loop every step of the delivery process.

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Fancy Vitamin C? @trueprotein Super C is so much more than that!
Super C is a one of a kind formula with scientifically backed dosages of active ingredients. Containing 1000mg of Vitamin C, 1000IU of Vitamin D, zinc, Collagen and Glutamine, Super C has been developed with your wellness in mind!
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Missing summer yet? We are 😞 Fortunately @razeenergyau dropped the new Baja Lime on us to bring the summer vibes back!
Baja Lime comes with the signature 300mg caffeine, Aminos, nootropics and electrolytes to keep you going when you need that boost!
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Any donut mix purchased will receive a free donut baking tray.
Any baking mix purchased with receive a free baking tray.

Limited stock available so get in quick and make an order!

Happy friyay 🤗

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‼️True Protein Hot Chocolate‼️ Part of our new Winter Warmers range, this warm winter hug in a mug contains 11.5g collagen protein per serve with a nice dose of MCT for a clean energy and mental boost.
Mixes well with water, milk or milk alternatives and just a little stir for good measure and tastes AMAZING!
True sold out of these in 2 days - order yours before our stash runs out 🙊
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Have you met The Brain Doctor?
Designed to help boost mental mental clarity, brain performance, improve focus, improve mood, motivate and improve productivity - The Brain Doctor by @macr0mike is a one of a kind formulation that yesterday helped Dave have one of his most productive days in a long time.

If you find you’re relying a little too much on stimulants to push you through the day, give The Brain Doctor a try and experience the difference yourself.
With a pleasant grape taste and easy to transport sachets you can keep a stash at home and work in your top drawer. When you put it to work for you the possibilities can be endless!

The Brain Doctor is stimulant free so can be taken multiple times per day if “Brain Fog” sets in and is also vegan friendly, made with all natural ingredients and is also gluten and dairy free.
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‼️Wholesale Customer EOFY Special‼️ Pick any combination of 10 boxes of your favourite Raze Energy flavours and SAVE BIG TIME!
What better way to reopen after the Covid closures?
Wholesale customers only, this is not a retail promotion. Must be ordered and paid for before close of business June 30th.
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