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Natural Weapon Nutrition are working smarter to bring you the best on the market in clean and effective sports nutrition supplements. We proudly stock a range of Australian owned brands which helps to support Australian manufacturing and farming businesses. In turn we also support our local businesses and their members through supplying them with the best products our suppliers have to offer.

Our focus on quality over quantity means we do the hard work for you in finding effective products to support all your needs no matter what the goal or lifestyle. You don’t need to wade through countless pages of information to find what you need, just head to the category that interests you and you’ll see the best there is in that category.

Body Composition Made Easy

Natural Weapon Nutrition are experts in body composition scanning with our powerful Evolt 360 body scanner. The Evolt system is unparalleled in both convenience and accuracy with easy to read statistics and an app providing all the details from every scan done on any Evolt machine worldwide.

Need more information on how to achieve your goals?

Our Nutrition Consultation service provides a roadmap anyone can use to achieve their health and fitness goals. We’ll take you through everything from how much you need to eat, starting with tracking and measuring your food intake and how to manage it on an ongoing basis. Contact us for more information.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

With Carbon Neutral shipping and FREE shipping for orders over $150 we’re proud to support you in fitness goals in a way that doesn’t increase the worlds carbon footprint.

We’ve partnered with Shippit to bring you an unrivalled delivery experience with cool features like updates via SMS and email in order to offer you the most up to date shipping information, ensuring you’re kept in the loop every step of the delivery process.

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Force Element Performance created their premier fat burner - Cleared Hot - out of the need for a smooth and effective fat burner that could provide all day energy and assist in completing your fat-loss mission.⁠
. ⁠
Cleared Hot features 2000mg L-Carnitine, a 1:1 ratio of Dynamine & Caffeine (@ 250mg each it packs a punch) alongside a 1000mg taurine dose to ensure your mission critical goals are achieved⁠
. ⁠
Get comfortable with being uncomfortable - Expect to sweat when using Cleared Hot⁠
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Looking for a hard hitting pre-workout that will get you firing on all fronts? Force Element Performance brings you Warning Order.⁠
Featuring a whopping 700mg triple stack of stimulants, 2000mg of Peak O2 and nootropics for maximum focus and mental clarity - Warning Order is a top tier pre-workout delivering maximum results⁠
. ⁠
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Sometimes we can be a little slow getting the word out BUT @musclenation have Rocky Road casein custard inbound to us! FYI there are REAL (sugar free) marshmallow pieces in it! Check out our stories to see what’s inside! Stock will be limited so get your order in quick! #musclenation #casein #caseincustard #omfg #getinmybelly #fitness #cleantreat #rockyroad #compprep #bodybuilding #gym #gymlife #fitnesslifestyle #gains ...

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Introducing Fire Support by Force Element Performance - A high quality EAA for when recovery is mission critical.

Fire Support does exactly what the name implies, providing you with all the necessary heavy support to make it through your mission.

Force Element Performance crafted Fire Support to be an effective operator, delivering top tier intra-workout nutrition combined with post-workout recovery.

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🚨 Announcement Time 🚨

Meet Aaron: @aaron.w.powerlift

Aaron is a force to be reckoned with in APU under 120kg powerlifter. To date he has come second at the 2019 state championships and before COVID hit was on track to take this year himself.

Aaron’s trains at Power Elite under the guidance of champion powerlifter Scott Hill for the last 3 years.

No stranger to athleticism, Aaron played gridiron for 6 years and has competed both nationally and at state level in swimming.

He is also a proud father to a very active and curios 2 year old son.

In 2021 his goals are to squat and deadlift 300+KG and medal at state and nationals. Stay tuned, you’re gonna see big things from this guy and we’re proud to be supporting him throughout the process 💪
#thiccboi #powerlifting #suppsmarter #sponsored #athlete #apunsw #squat #squatspo #squatbenchdead #thicc #fitness #gym #gymlife #strength #strengthtraining

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🚨 Announcement Time 🚨

Meet Michelle - @michellerussell_fitness - our newest sponsored athlete!

Michelle is a fulltime working mum who about 4 years ago started doing bootcamp at Power Elite - @teampowerelite - while her daughter was at dancing

She was down, she was disappointed that she had let herself go quite a bit, stacking on alot of weight after the birth of her daughter.

All she wanted was to lose about 25kg.

Fast forward to today and no one could foresee how her life would change from taking that first step.

Since that fateful day she has lost more than 50kg, competed in 3 Novice Powerlifting Comps at @teampowerelite and in March this this competed in my first Sanctioned APU Powerlifting Comp placing 1st in her age group!

Since Oct 18 she has also had the grand goal of stepping on Stage for Season B in the @anbnsw Figure Category!

With 2 months to go until showtime and more than double her original goal now lost in body fat we cannot wait to see what she is able to achieve next!

In 2021 Michelle plans to take her Powerlifting to another level and compete at a National level as well as step on stage in many more events to show off what she has worked so hard to achieve!

Welcome to the team Michelle! You’re an inspiration to everyone who meets you, a testament to your coaches and your best is still yet to come!
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We love the MN protein so much that we are giving away free MN shakers with every protein purchase until sold out!

Limited stock is available, head over to our website in the bio and grab yours now 🤗

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How much water do you need?
Depends on the individual 🙄 I know right? But here’s a general guide:
👉 1mL per calorie needed, excluding water lost during exercise and other drinks 👈
So that means if you need 2000 calories per day you should have around 2L of water a day.
What about water lost through exercise? Well a general guide during HIGH intensity training or sessions longer than 2 hours is:
👉 125mL per 15 minutes of activity 👈
Remember this is a guide, if you’re thirsty, drink. If you have a bit more lean body mass than the average person you need more again.
Always remember you can measure your hydration by checking your pee as well. The clearer it is the more hydrated you are. It doesn’t have to be clear, but clear enough is fine.
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Why are you drinking Alkaline Water? Did you know your body actually regulates its pH level through organs like the kidneys and liver. ⠀
That doesn’t mean you can drink nothing but juice and soft drink without consequences. The consequences just aren’t an acidic gut. Have you ever thrown up? Pretty acidic hey... it’s actually more acidic than the soft drink you’ve just had. That acid is required to help break down everything from acidic things like citrus to alkaline things like leafy greens we eat. ⠀
. ⠀
So, when you drink alkaline water you’re pouring it into a bucket of acid. If you affect your alkalinity too much you’ll die. But your liver and kidneys are going to do their best to keep you alive and you’ll be in hospital well before that happens. Likewise if you get too acidic. ⠀
. ⠀
Just drink regular water. Regular water is fine and has been fine for millions of years for our gut. If you enjoy juice or soft drink that’s fine too, just make sure you still drink water... if you don’t, you’ll die.⠀
#alkaline #acidic #gut #guthealth #aklalinewater #science #sciencebitch #yeahscience #sportsnutrition #nutrition #fitness #gym #gymlife #fitnesslifestyle ⠀

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