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Natural Weapon Nutrition are working smarter to bring you the best on the market in clean and effective sports nutrition supplements. We proudly stock a range of Australian owned brands which helps to support Australian manufacturing and farming businesses. In turn we also support our local businesses and their members through supplying them with the best products our suppliers have to offer.

Our focus on quality over quantity means we do the hard work for you in finding effective products to support all your needs no matter what the goal or lifestyle. You don’t need to wade through countless pages of information to find what you need, just head to the category that interests you and you’ll see the best there is in that category.

Body Composition Made Easy

Natural Weapon Nutrition are experts in body composition scanning with our powerful Evolt 360 body scanner. The Evolt system is unparalleled in both convenience and accuracy with easy to read statistics and an app providing all the details from every scan done on any Evolt machine worldwide.

Need more information on how to achieve your goals?

Our Nutrition Consultation service provides a roadmap anyone can use to achieve their health and fitness goals. We’ll take you through everything from how much you need to eat, starting with tracking and measuring your food intake and how to manage it on an ongoing basis. Contact us for more information.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

With Carbon Neutral shipping and FREE shipping for orders over $150 we’re proud to support you in fitness goals in a way that doesn’t increase the worlds carbon footprint.

We’ve partnered with Shippit to bring you an unrivalled delivery experience with cool features like updates via SMS and email in order to offer you the most up to date shipping information, ensuring you’re kept in the loop every step of the delivery process.

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There’s a trend in mens fitness world to want to manipulate testosterone levels above and beyond what’s considered healthy
This come from the knowledge that higher testosterone levels help with a variety of things ranging from very simple things like enhanced mood to improved recovery and more muscle and greater performance
Testosterone boosting supplements help to up-regulate natural processes. But what do you want from a test booster?
Some supplements block estrogen, that’s not what you want happening, you need a bit of that for things like sex drive and bone health. Blockers, especially long term use of them, can be detrimental to your health.
There are some powerful adaptogens, basic vitamins and minerals you should prioritise on the hunt for something to assist in the regulation of testosterone, things like:
🌱 Fenugreek
🌱 Ashwagandha
🌱 Tongkat Ali
🍄 Shilajit
💊 Zinc
💊 Magnesium
💊 D3

There are also some basic nutritional and lifestyle principals to abide by, which, if not followed won’t matter what supplement you take you’ll never make a dent:
🥑 Get enough dietary fats
🍺 Limit alcohol consumption
🥩 Eat enough protein, preferably unprocessed
🏋️‍♂️ Lift some meaningful weight

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Did you know everyone actually needs protein in their diet to maintain their body?⁠

The more active and intense the activity you participate in, the more you need and the more frequently you need it.⁠

This is because during activity we break down muscle fibres. That's on top of the breakdown that's already happening in the body on a daily basis.⁠

That doesn't automatically mean everyone needs a protein shake, but it does mean if you aren't getting enough you should definitely look at how to get more protein in your diet.⁠

For men the RDI for protein is .84g per KG of body weight. For women it's .74g. That's not a lot at all. That's also based on an inactive person.⁠

When you're active, whether that's lifting weights or just participating in an active lifestyle you can actually benefit more from 2.5x that amount.⁠

2.2g to 3g per kilo of body weight has been found to be optimal for building and maintaining muscle. Higher protein diets also help keep you full and have a higher thermic effect when digesting it which means you can increase the amount of calories you burn doing nothing!⁠

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COVID Kilos + Christmas Parties + Christmas + New Years = 😱⁠

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If you want the body to do something it hasn't done before, you'll need to do things you haven't done before.⁠

This is especially true with losing body fat. Most people think they do everything they need to in order to create change, but the problem is they're doing the same old things just repackaged with a new name.⁠

It doesn't matter if it's a workout program or a diet - If you've tried one out, you've likely followed 5 others and had a similar outcome in the long term - initial success and rebounded when you finished to either the position you were in beforehand, or a worse one.⁠

Why? A diet or workout routine doesn't "end" and you go back to "normal" life.⁠

Losing body fat and getting fit is an approach to your lifestyle as a whole. You're not going to maintain your results unless this is going to be your new lifestyle.⁠

This is why its so important that whatever diet or workout regime you're going to jump in to that it's sustainable over the long term.⁠

In sticking to it long term you're actually doing the things you haven't done before, maintaining the result and setting yourself a new "normal"⁠

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For everyone who hadn’t seen enough destruction in 2020, here’s the balloon popping ✌️😂 ...

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Putting the pin in 2020 📌

We are super thankful to all our loyal customers for continuing to support us this year. We know it was rough and uncertain for a lot of you at times but you made it through and we’ll be by your side for 2021
As a business we achieved a shitload considering the fitness world all but shut down for months on end
This year proved our online first approach was the right one not only for our customers but for our distribution as well. In a year where many of our competitors took a hit we managed to grow against the odds
Some of the highlights included sponsoring some outstanding new athletes who are gonna do some big things in 2021, we gave away a years supply of protein as well as thousands in prizes, donations and customer freebies
We have big plans in 2021 and can’t wait to share them with you!
PS. Sorry if you wanted to see that balloon pop lol
#fitness #bye2020 #fitnesslifestyle #nye #suppsmarter #gym #gymlife

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The Importance of a Solid Baseline

If 2020 has taught you anything about your health and fitness it should be that establishing a solid baseline should be of the utmost importance
Shortly after coming 3rd in my first ever powerlifting comp, Odins Trial, at the old Strength Nation gym and qualifying for States, Nationals it was all systems go... then the gyms closed for months
Training all but stopped save for a few PT sessions here and there with @pocketrocket_booom and @teampowerelite lending out some equipment for a few months
Then Milla came early and training stopped again until about 2 weeks ago. Almost 6 months with a handful of sessions done while we built our own garage gym, business was crazy busy and free time was hard to come by
But because there’s a solid baseline developed starting prep for next years round of comps isn’t like starting all over again. Busting out sets of 100kg for 10 reps is a great point to restart from
Also pictured: Bit of dad bod 😂 #strengthtraining #perspective #foundation #suppsmarter #compprep #bench #benchordeath #sbd #fitness #fitnesslifestyle #garagegym #gym #gymlife #teampowerelite #powerlifting

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Find someone who looks at you the way @thelowcalqueen looks at her Raze 😍

#suppsmarter #razeenergy #energydrink #caffeineaddicts #caffeine #zerocalorie

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