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Knowledge is Power

It’s estimated that a day absent from work for a single employee costs the organisation $340. Across even a small workplace that quickly adds up to big losses.

If your workplace needs change there is no better way than data to drive results. With the power of the Evolt Active App and the always connected Internet of Health backing the Evolt system every scan and data point is logged for the participant and easy to read reports can be generated to measure workforce health.

We’ll also work with you on ways and means to implement scans and elicit results from participants!

Reduce illness

Showing people how a sedentary lifestyle is affecting their health motivates them to make healthier choices reducing absenteeism.

Boost productivity

Healthier employees taking less days off sick to manage illnesses are happier, more productive employees.

increase job satisfaction

Workplace challenge’s promote team building and foster positive lifestyle changes that translate to increased workplace satisfaction.

Why Us?

What Can You Measure?

Body Fat

Scans show more than just a meaningless percentage. We are able to measure the kilograms of fat mass individuals have as well as break down how much of it is visceral fat as opposed to subcutaneous fat.

Lean Body Mass

Measuring lean body mass has never been simpler. Lean mass is shown in kilograms and is broken down to show total body water and skeletal muscle mass, providing a key measuring point for improvement over time.

Visceral Fat

The most dangerous fat deposit in the body, Visceral Fat accumulates around the organs and is a key measuring point for overall health. Scan participants are also given visual references which assist in understanding their health situation. 

Total Energy Expenditure (TEE)

Total Energy Expenditure is given on results sheets which provides a reference point and better understanding on an individuals daily nutritional requirements, allowing them to make better food choices.

goal based calories

Figuring out calorie requirements based on goals can be confusing and extremely difficult. Our scans include a breakdown of calorie needs based on your goals designed by qualified dietitian, Mark Robinson.

Overall Health

A Bio Wellness Index (BWI) is given, which is an overall score of an individuals health, taking in to consideration all factors reported on when scanned. Over time as this improves, so have the individuals health markers.


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