Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

“Clean” is probably a term that gets thrown around too much in the fitness industry, but supplements have historically been a dirty game. Clean eating simply means to eat with the least amount of processed food possible. Clean supplements are something slightly different.

Whilst we love naturally formulated products there is always some processing that needs to inevitably be done to extract and potentiate that goodness within a plant or animal product in order for it to be received in an effective dose for human consumption. It’s how the process of delivering that substance to the person taking the product is performed that makes the difference to us.

Traditional retail models are dead. Higher overheads mean higher prices passed on to the customer, brand allegiances, huge marketing campaigns to generate foot traffic and a commitment to be in the same place at the same time every day in case you happen to stop by and purchase something.

It’s one hell of a big operation to run and in a lot of cases it means the original ideals, essence and purpose of the business is lost in the drive to make more and more money to pay increasing bills.

In the case of some in the industry it can also mean having to commit to purchasing complete lines of brands whether we believe in the product or not as well as committing to stocking brands we don’t feel align to our values, just to fill shelf space.

Quite simply, we believe in quality over quantity. Being an independent retailer and not part of a franchise means we can cherry pick the best products on the market from every brand and choose to stock that instead of a lot of other overpriced products that are of a lower quality that we don’t believe in.

We understand everyone has brand and product allegiances and that’s fine, however, if you’re not seeing results should you really remain loyal to that brand or product just because it’s what you’ve always done?

Most people are familiar with the phrase “Work smarter, not harder”. We apply the same logic to supplements. We call it practicing “Smarter Sports Nutrition”.

An educated consumer is an empowered consumer and our mission is to educate you on what products do, how they effect you and what you do or don’t need to achieve your desired results. For too long people have been duped into buying sub-standard products by hype, deception and even intimidation when visiting stores instead of having information relayed to them in terms they can understand and make a decision for themselves – so we’ve taken it to the next level and decided to do whatever we can to help you #SuppSmarter

Sure can! Check out our Solutions for Fitness Businesses for more info.

That depends on the method you chose at the checkout.

Check our shipping and handling page for more information on your chosen method.

Our courier partner, Sendle, will keep you updated with tracking as well as Australia Post via tracking info provided to you using the details you gave us when you ordered.

Sorry, we have no control over whether AfterPay will or will not accept your payment.

They first have to qualify you as a customer who will be able to make the payment to them and if they aren’t able to do that for some reason, they’ll cancel the order from their end – Much like if you’ve maxed out your credit card your bank won’t allow you to keep making purchases with it.

From time to time the AfterPay system will take too long to send a response and the order will fail or cancel. At this point we’ll take action and find out whether the order has gone through or not and contact you.