Nutrition Coaching & Consultation

Nutrition Coaching

The Importance of nutrition

Nutrition is the often neglected foundation your health and physique goals are based on.

If you want to feel great, look a certain way and perform like a beast in and out of the gym then you need to take control of your nutrition.

Online calculators, programs & meal plans will only get you small results and often leave you in the lurch when you’ve completed them with no direction until you pay for another round.

You need hard facts and a professional to objectively analyse and plan for you.

We’re Here to Help

Have you ever:

  • Dieted unsuccessfully
  • Let weight creep up over the years
  • Had problems over or under-eating
  • Found it difficult to stick to diet plans (fad or otherwise)

You’re not alone, but rest assured we can help you break the cycle.

Your success is our goal

Our goal is to educate you so you never feel the need to do another fad diet again.

Our program teaches you and your body how much you need to eat and the ratio’s of foods needed to achieve your goal

We accurately measure how key factors change in your body and make adjustments based on the science of fat loss as opposed to rigid, arbitrary goals of other weight loss methods.

If you’ve got a goal, we’ll develop a path to get you there and educate you along the way. Whether you want to get into the best shape of your life and step on stage, perform at your peak, pack on muscle, fit into a wedding dress for your big day or just plain old get healthy, we will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your current position and form a plan with you based around your goals.

Sustainable Results

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Contact us using the form at the bottom of this page to make a booking. Coaching sessions are conducted flexibly after hours or on weekends.

Please note that our consults are currently performed out of our home consult room in the Penrith area in NSW. We can perform consults and provide ongoing support remotely provided you have consistent access to a measurement tool such as an Evolt 360.

It is preferred that you scan using our machine as we can readily access your previous results.

evolt 360 scanner

Our Process

Using the latest in body composition technology our simple, yet effective process provides sustainable results that translate to a healthier lifestyle and get you where you want to be.

Determining a Baseline

All first time clients go through a consultation and screening to determine a baseline which determines the current state of body composition and provides us a base line to work from.

Understanding the Baseline

Once we have a baseline we then walk you through your measurements, what they mean and how they apply to your current situation and your goals.

Setting Targets & Making a Plan

From our understanding of the baseline we can set accurate and achievable targets for you and show you how to meet them on a meal by meal, daily, weekly and monthly basis to get you to where you need to be in order to achieve your goals.

Reassessment & Adjustment

After a set period of time you will return to be measured again, have your results compared to the initial consultation and determine the next series of targets to meet on the road to achieving your goals.

You will be able to see the changes in body fat percentage, visceral fat, body fat, muscle and much more.

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