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Why Raze?

The Bar Has Been Razed

Natural Weapon Nutrition are your number one source for Raze Energy by Repp Sports. This revolutionary drink is spreading like wildfire and we are geared up to distribute across Australia. Use the form on this page to make a wholesale enquiry. Raze is the perfect addition to your fridge and your clients / members will thank you for it.

Your facility or venue or store can join the #RazeRebellion with us by filling out the form on this page and we’ll send you our stockist price list ASAP.

Just want to do a small order to start with? No problem.

You can try Raze out with as small an order as two mixed boxes + any applicable delivery fees to see how your customers and members like it.

Looking for a larger order to satisfy a thirsty crowd? No problem, we deliver Raze Energy Australia wide.

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We’re 100% confident they’ll love the amazing range of flavours and with zero calories, zero sugar, BCAA’s, Alpha GPC, ReHydrate Technology and a time released 300mg of Caffeine in every can it’s hard to beat for a high performing, tingle free pre-workout with long lasting energy.

With 7 insanely good flavours and instantly eye catching packaging, your clientele will always be coming back for more. How good are they? Repp Sports work with the best to bring flavours like these out:

Why Raze?

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