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For nearly 20 years, GAT Sport has been one of the most trusted brands in the sports nutrition industry. They have earned this reputation by delivering some of the highest quality products, allowing athletes and amateurs alike to reach their optimal performance and enable them to compete harder.



GAT Jet Mass is a post workout recovery formula designed to give you the recovery you need to fuel solid, lean muscle growth. Jet Mass packs a unique blend of carbohydrates, 6 different kinds of creatine, BCAA’s, Glutamine and Nootropics, that when mixed together promote the ultimate muscle recovery for increased size, strength and performance.

Jet Mass represents excellent value – Why pay for 3 or 4 different products when you can get it all in one?

Adequate recovery is important after a workout to ensure that your body can adapt to the training stimulus. Over a period of time this is how we become bigger, stronger or faster. Jet Mass addresses the major areas of recovery and helps to push your body to an anabolic state where you can achieve greater lean muscle gains.

Delivering pure CreaPure, waxy maize and arginine as part of the muscle volumising matrix allows for greater blood flow, a spike in insulin and better delivery of valuable creatine to the muscles after training. This helps achieve a fuller look of the muscles and will ensure that your size, strength and power increase accordingly.

Other benefits of Jet Mass include the use of electrolytes to ensure adequate hydration, BCAA’s for greater recovery, ORAC antioxidants to help reduce inflammation and nootropics to improve cognitive function post workout.

Overall Jet Mass is designed to give the user serious results, increase size, power and strength through greater nutrient and creatine delivery.

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