GAT Sport Essentials Creatine 300g

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Creatine is one of the most researched and effective supplements available on the market. It has been clinically shown to improve muscle strength, torque and performance. GAT Essentials Creatine is micronised to help maximize absorption and utilization whilst minimising discomfort in the gut.

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GAT Sport are a leading manufacturer of top tier supplements. Their Essentials line is as pure as a product can get and is as you’d expect – a completely flavourless, unadultered form of products we all revere as being essential for performance. Gat Sport Essentials Creatine Monohydrate utilises the most scientifically studied form of creatine available.

The efficacy of creatine has been shown time and time again and has many use cases ranging from bodybuilding competition prep to retain as much lean body mass as possible to powerlifting and other athletic endeavours that require maximal effort. This is because creatine is critical to the ATP production and energy use in the body. Creatine is a naturally occurring metabolite found in muscle tissue that helps to rapidly resynthesize ATP, the currency of energy used by muscle cells to contract and exert power.

Creatine has been clinically shown to improve muscle strength, improve performance, improve recovery and assist in increasing lean body mass.

In short, if you aren’t using GAT Sport Essentials Creatine as part of your supplement routine and you want to get bigger, stronger, improve your body composition or any combination of those, you’re missing out.


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