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Macro Gut by Macro Mike was designed to assist those who experience discomfort and digestive issues in achieving  “normal” digestive function and health. It sports a list of powerful, natural ingredients which may:

  • Assist with nutrient absorption
  • Assist digestion & colon health
  • Relieve symptoms of IBS
  • Assist in soothing your intestinal tract
  • Reduce bloating and gas
  • Strengthen immunity & support overall wellness

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Macro Mike The Brain Doctor

It’s time to live your best, most productive life with optimal energy and good vibes only. Think of The Brain Doctor as ultimate brain power in each sachet.

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Macro Mike The Adrenal Doctor

Feeling stressed, constantly tired, sluggish or struggling to feel rested after a long night’s sleep? Believe it or not, your adrenal glands could be to blame.

While the condition of "Adrenal Fatigue" is a highly debated topic in the health and fitness scientific community there is merit to the notion that over a long period of activity our adrenal glands become over worked. The Adrenal Doctor may assist with:

  • Rectifying the signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue
  • Support stress management
  • Support immune health
  • Promote sleep and recovery
  • Improving mood through promoting relaxation

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Gut Health has become a buzz phrase in recent years due to the many issues we face in every day life. Macro Gut was formulated to assist in elevating total digestive health, relieve symptoms of digestive discomfort and normalise the function of your gut.

Macro Gut features a combination of essential vitamins that work synergistically together to improve wellness and immunity. This powerful formulation is gluten free, dairy free and 100% natural. It’s like an all-in-one multivitamin for your gut. For maximum effect it is recommended to use Macro Gut for 2-4 weeks.

It’s obvious to us all that our gut is responsible for breaking down the food we consume and absorbing the nutrients required for every essential function in the body. If we think further about what that means, our gut is responsible for the fuel needed for energy production, hormone balance, mental health, immune health and toxin/waste elimination. It is the entry point for the fuel needed to power our body so, if we want the rest of our body performing optimally our gut health should be a high priority.

Macro Gut is designed to take the guesswork and confusion out of maintaining happy insides. Macro Mike’s Macro Gut is an all-in-one wellness supplement loaded with healthy bacteria, herbs, vitamins, and minerals to promote optimal gut health.


Mix one serve of Macro Gut with 250ml water and drink daily. Gut Doctor also makes a great addition to a smoothie.


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