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Infrared has been designed from the ground up to help you perform better. The scientifically formulated array of specific herbal medicine, electrolytes, unique carbohydrate blend and researched nutrients all work together to drive your performances forward.

Infrared will give you the edge, whether you want to out-perform your sporting rival or reach new heights – Infrared can get you there.



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ATP Science Infrared is a one of a kind, specially “formulated supplementary sports food”. Infrared is a stimulant free pre-workout and uses the highest quality ingredients in extremely effective dosages to support genuine cellular energy production that you can feel, without the need for caffeine and / or other questionable stimulants. This is a product designed from the ground up to enhance the quality of your athletic performance and provide the user with an unfair (but totally legal) advantage over the competition.

ATP Science spent thousands of hours researching clinical and university studies on the properties of key performance enhancing botanicals, amino acids and electrolytes with the end result being Infrared. Infrared provides anyone from athletes to fitness addicts with more than the result of a single key ingredient’s worth of research because when the properties of the powerful ingredient list are combined, the complete synergy helps athletes in gaining superior results and to achieve a personal best performance.


Infrared can take you to the next level. Its unique blend of ingredients combine to allow you to:

  • Perform harder and for longer with less pain during and after
  • Improve power output
  • Improve muscular endurance
  • Increase blood flow to your muscles and brain through enhanced vasodilation

Quite simply this means you will be performing at higher levels sooner, working harder without previous limits and an unwanted crash at the end of a workout that you can get from other high stimulant pre-workouts.

Infrared also helps to enhance stamina and endurance as well as delay onset of fatigue and weakness by:

  • Enhancing genuine energy production at the cellular level
  • Buffering metabolic waste
  • Reducing the production of metabolic waste
  • Enhancing intramuscular antioxidants and acidity buffers
  • Supplement, support, restore and maintain electrolyte balance for ideal intracellular : extracellular water ratio.

How to use Infrared

Because Infrared is stimulant free it can be used without issue at night, additional serves may be taken through the day or as required for competitive events to allow for maximum performance. The guidelines listed below are just a basic guide or suggestions for desired effects of some sports or purposes and you may need to alter to fit your personal needs and requirements.

Gym – resistance training, cardio, and cross fit – ¾ hour to 1.5 hours

Pre-workout – Mix one scoop into 350 ml of water 15 minutes before training. You can safely double the dose and mix 2 scoops into 600ml if you are chasing a more intense vasodilation and power increase.

Intra-workout – Infrared can also be used intra workout if the session extends past 80 minutes, for this purpose take one extra scoop in 400-450ml of water to sip on during your workout.

F45 Classes or HIIT

Mix one scoop into 350 ml of water 15-30 minutes before training. You can safely take multiple doses in a single day if doing double or triple classes or training morning and evening.

For Hollywood classes mix 1 scoop with water and drink 15-30 minutes prior to beginning class. For double’s, mix 1 additional scoop with 400-600ml water and drink during hydration breaks or as needed between stations.

Ball Sports – Rugby League, Rugby Union, AFL, NFL, Baseball

Before the game or training – Mix one 40 gram scoop into 350ml of water and drink within 1 hour before the game.

Combat Sports – MMA, Boxing, Jujitsu, Mu Tai

Mix one 40 gram scoop into 350ml of water and drink within 1 hour of the event / training session. For tournaments multiple scoops can be taken as required prior to the event from 30 minutes to 1 hour beforehand.

Swimming, Cycling or Running – less than 90 minutes

Mix one 40 gram scoop of Infrared into 350ml of water and drink within 30 minutes prior to the event / training session.

Swimming, Cycling or Running – longer than 90 minutes

Mix one 40 gram scoop of Infrared into 350ml of water and drink within 30 minutes prior to the event / training session.

If the exercise extends past 90 minutes one 40 gram scoop dissolved into 400 to 500 ml of water should be sipped on during the event / training session. Alternatively you can mix one 40 gram scoop into as little as 250 ml of water and sip and dilute with water from water stations as they become available.

Loading on non-training days

You can also load Infrared to increase the effect prior to an upcoming event or competition.

For loading up on Infrared to get the most out of the electrolytes, beta alanine, Schisandra and beetroot you should mix one 40 gram scoop into 250 – 500ml of water and drink once daily. Infrared is best taken away from other supplements containing taurine. Taurine will compete with beta alanine for absorption and utilisation.

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