Repp Sports Broken Arrow

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Broken Arrow is about as intense as it legally gets. Each scoop of this hard hitting, fully dosed pre-workout contains:

  • 350mg Caffeine
  • 6g Citrulline-Malate
  • 3.2g Beta-Alanine
  • More than 14g of active ingredients


Broken Arrow as about as intense as you can legally get. This high powered, ingredient packed pre-workout helps to power you through tough, long workouts. Stop grinding and finish stronger than ever with Broken Arrow’s massive list of workout fuelling ingredients.

Broken Arrow provides you with the advantage you need by including premium cutting edge ingredients and solid doses of stimulants paired with key endurance compounds. In a single scoop you weild the power of:

  • 350mg Caffeine
  • 6g Citrulline Malate
  • 3.2g Beta Alanine
  • 500mg Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • 300mg Alpha GPC
  • 150mg Sodium Bicarbonate
  • 150mg 2-aminoisoheptane

Not only are the ingredients to die for, the flavours are insane. Sour Gummy is just the right amount of sour and gummy flavours, Guava Melon is the right amount of tart and sweet and Lime Ice is just the right amount of lime. Spiked Fruit Punch is an original flavour as well, unlike all other manufacturers who use the same flavour Repp Sports pride themselves in having some of the best tasting products on the market.

Broken Arrow is designed to help you power peak performance in the gym and is not a product for beginners or those with low tolerance to stimulants.

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Sour Gummy, Guava Melon, Lime Ice, Spiked Fruit Punch


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