ATP Science – NOWAY Collagen Protein – 1KG

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ATP Science NOWAY is a Hydrolised Collagen Peptide protein powder. HCP protein boasts greater bioavailability, 2.5 times more fat loss than whey protein, 3 times more muscle growth than whey and 3.75 times more power development from the muscle than whey. ATP Science NOWAY promotes entire body health!

NOWAY is also dairy and gluten free.



ATP Science NOWAY protein is a hydrolised collegen peptide protein powder made from completely natural sources. Collagen protein is an excellent alternative to traditional whey protein and is more bioavailable to the body than whey. NOWAY also promotes greater fat loss (2.5 times as much as whey), greater muscle growth (3 times as much as whey) and greater power development (3.75 times more than whey).

How is NOWAY able to produce results like these? It’s because the absorption of collagen protein is higher than whey protein. Whey protein is able to feed your muscles, which make up 30-40% of your body, but is not used by the remaining 60-70% of the body which means it is less bioavailable to the body as a whole. 10% of muscles are made up of collagen, however this 10% produces up to 30% of the power of the muscle. Being collagen, NOWAY supports tendon and ligament health which is important for ongoing training and fitness goals. Not only is NOWAY able to feed the 60-70% of the body that whey doesn’t, it also is rapidly absorbed and gets to work repairing muscles as well. NOWAY promotes health repair of damage throughout the whole body (not just muscles).

Why is NOWAY able to be absorbed so well by the body? The collagen has been made by recreating a digestive process with specific acids controlling pH and enzymes to cleave amino acid chains at specific points to make a bioactive peptide.

What does this mean though?

Once it enters the gut no further digestion is needed and the full peptide is absorbed and is functional.

See more information on the science behind NOWAY Hydrolised Collagen Peptides.

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