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Some brands fat burners are literally products that contain just enough to make you think they’re doing something whilst all they’ve done is make your wallet lighter or credit card bill increase.

Thermal Switch by Switch Nutrition is loaded with the right ingredients in the right doses & lives up to all its expectations whilst having no artificial colours, is gluten and sugar free!

Switch Nutrition products are:

  • Soy Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Vegan
  • Contain No Artificial Colours
  • Sugar Free
  • Gluten Free


Thermal Switch by Switch Nutrition combines a perfect blend of ingredients to provide an amazing energetic feeling, enhance your mood and stimulate your metabolism making it the ultimate thermogenic compound. Thermal Switch has been designed with usability and results in mind without compromising on ingredient quality or quality control through the utilisation of standardised plant extracts, meaning you get the dose the label says you’re getting every time, along with a great flavour.

The unique blend of ingredients contained in Thermal Switch helps to control your appetite whilst increasing alertness, energy expenditure and focus so you can reap the rewards of long lasting energy – even in a calorie defecit!

Proven Ingredients!

Thermal Switch contains scientifically proven levels of Acetyl L-Carnitine, caffeine and epigallocatechin from green tea which supports the metabolism of fat and enhances weight loss. It also features L-tyrosine which helps with thyroid function and ensures that this formula addresses all areas of concern for maximal results.

The inclusion of Synephrine in Thermal Switch is a big boost in the fat burning game with one study showing that it increased BMR by a whopping 65cal in 75 minutes. Over a 5 hour rate this equates to an extra 325 calories being burned just at rest. Imagine what it can do while you’re active!

Nootropics Included!

Nootropics are a relatively new inclusion in supplements that many are now finding help to regulate mood and provide a whole host of benefits to mental performance, energy, alertness, memory and fatigue reduction. This translates to fat burning with a smile on your face!

Traditionally fat burners are loaded with high amounts of stimulant and not much else. Thermal Switch harnesses the power of nootropics to provide next level fat burning with ingredients such as Dynamine.

Dynamine is a relatively new stimulant with a lot of excitement behind it. For good reason too РDynamine appears to increase energy, burn fat, boost performance, enhance oxygen utilisation (essential for burning fat), reduce fatigue (or the perception of fatigue), increase motivation and support intense workout capacity  all without causing the user to become jittery, anxious or experience a crash!

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