Why Do We Get Fat?

belly fat

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes Getting fat sucks. Everyone needs a certain amount of body fat to survive, but sometimes no matter what we do it seems we just accumulate it even when we’re trying not to. When the advice you’re constantly given is to simply “eat less and move more” by medical professionals or…

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The Rise Of The Home Gym

home gym

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes In the fitness world 2020 will forever be remembered as The Year of the Home Gym. World wide as soon as lockdown became the go to measure to stop the spread of COVID-19, gym equipment and toilet paper became the two hottest commodities in Australia. People’s priorities were to be…

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How Much Protein Do You Need?

plastic protein shaker

The Role Protein Plays Protein is incredibly important in daily life and even more so if you lead an active lifestyle. Providing your body a regular supply of protein is essential for fueling growth and repair of lean muscle tissue. When you’re trying to lose body fat, improve muscle tone, create shape, get stronger or…

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What Is F45 Fuel?

f45 fuel protein

F45 Fuel is the latest in a long line of products offered by F45 under their own branding but is it any better than any other protein? Lets start at the beginning. F45 is all about branding and standardisation which isn’t a bad thing. What this ultimately means though is that when there is too…

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Meat Free & Fit

vegan magic

Can You Go Vegan & Achieve Fitness Goals? I’m going to start out here and remind you that diet’s aren’t magic. There are basic principals of nutrition that you’re at the mercy of no matter what dietary choices you make and these don’t care whether you have or have not watched the most recent vegan…

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