What Is F45 Fuel?

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What Is F45 Fuel?

F45 Fuel is the latest in a long line of products offered by F45 under their own branding but is it any better than any other protein?

Lets start at the beginning. F45 is all about branding and standardisation which isn’t a bad thing. What this ultimately means though is that when there is too much deviation it becomes a problem. In the case of supplements there was a growing problem within studios with many different brands and conflicting information regarding products being given out by people who were less than qualified to distribute nutritional information and understand the nuance of supplementation.

Who Manufactures It?

Given F45 aren’t a supplement company, who’s manufacturing their product? Luckily this is a trustworthy source in Australia – True Protein. Though you won’t find this formally written anywhere, F45 Training worked with True Protein to bring F45 Fuel to market. True make great quality products, but they can be on the expensive.

Is It Any Different?

F45 Fuel is just True Protein’s French Vanilla and Rich Chocolate flavours repackaged in an F45 branded bag. The main difference is the distribution & the price.

You may notice that the price and point of sale are the main difference. F45 Fuel is only available in studios and costs more than True’s WPI 90. So if you want pretty much the exact same thing just save some money and buy the True version & continue supporting Australian businesses.

This being said, there are also better products on the market than just a straight WPI protein with more flavour range which can be had for cheaper prices.

What Alternatives Are There?

If you’re new to supplements and are scared to try anything other than what’s recommended directly by F45 – Check out our post on F45 Challenge Supplements to get your head around what’s best for you to tackle the next F45 Challenge.

Check out the rest of our F45 Challenge compliant range or build your own Challenge Pack if you want us to take care of it for you!

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