F45 Challenge Supplements – Explained

f45 challenge kettlebells

The F45 Challenge has become one of the biggest fitness competitions the industry has seen. Part of what we do here at Natural Weapon Nutrition is demystify supplements and educate you on how to get the most out of them. Common questions from our customers doing the F45 Challenge are: Can you please explain the…

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We Did It For You – The Keto Diet – Part 1

We Did It For You – The Keto Diet | Part 1 Everyone seems to be raving about the Keto Diet at the moment. It’s being labelled as a “revolutionary cure” to some unfortunately common lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity. It’s pretty similar to the way people raved about the Atkins Diet back in…

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Get Fit This New Years Resolution

new years gym

Get Fit This New Years Resolution The new year is upon us and like so many other years, this is the year. This is the year you turn it all around and get your shit together with your health and fitness. This is the year you drop the kilos and pick up the hand weights.…

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Beat Self Sabotage

self sabotage

Beat Self Sabotage Self sabotage. We all do it from time to time whether we realise it or not. Whether its in our careers, relationships, life or fitness goals the sad fact is that it happens to everyone whether we know it or not. How do you stop it from happening? How do you deal…

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5 Common Fitness Mistakes

fat versus muscle weight

5 Common Fitness Mistakes We all make mistakes from time to time, that’s human nature. Hopefully we learn from them. When we don’t these can turn in to bad habits that take you off course with your health and fitness goals. Here are 5 mistakes you could be making on a daily basis that are…

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